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Techfest Dinners: Women in Tech in Queens

Are you a woman in tech who lives in Queens? Come meet some neighbors!

About the dinner
This dinner is at a private home, your host is cooking a main dish and asks that each person brings an appetizer, wine or dessert. Main dish will be pulled pork and there will be veggie side dishes for vegetarians!

About your host
Rebecca is a recent graduate of the Grace Hopper immersive bootcamp program. Before switching careers she advertised for Microsoft Cloud. She is hosting dinner because she loves cooking for people and want to meet other cool women in tech!

What to expect: 
This is a dinner series to help women in tech in NYC get to know each other. Your host will guide the conversation around the table asking questions that go beyond just networking to form deeper connections. At the end of the dinner, we ask you to commit to give back to the community by helping women in tech in any small way that works for you like hosting your own dinner, helping someone you just met at the table or mentoring someone at work.