Tech IRL: Utilizing Tech to Elevate Your Events & Experiences

Events and branded experiences are an integral part for growing loyalty, engagement and overall awareness within a brand’s existing and potential community. Technology has become a critical part of producing a worthwhile experience for a company's community. Pairing gadgets and emerging technology with a strong social media and physical presence increases a brand's ability to reach and create greater ROI for its activations.

Our July speaker was Natasha Mulla, Director of Experiential Marketing at Mashable. Natasha is responsible for the company's award winning events and experiential activations, globally. Projects under her management range from the interactive and meme-driven Mashable House and MashBash at SXSW to developing global conversations for good with the Social Good Summit. Prior to Mashable, Natasha was the Director of Events for Haymarket Media producing both online and in-person award shows and conferences for several different brands. 

Thanks, Natasha, and to all the TFC members (new and old!) who came along - it was an excellent start to the day! Many thanks also to General Assembly for hosting and for their ongoing support of this community. 

6/18/15 slides: Beyond the 5 Whys: Asking Your Way to the Right Product

Before building the product right, you have to find the right product to build. Here's where, sadly, our human nature and traditional organization design tends to work against us. 

Lean practitioners have tons of great advice on how to discover the right product, but even these practices can sometimes be hard to introduce to your team. Don't fret though, at the end of the day, it's all about helping your team ask the right questions and letting them help you find the answers.  

10/17/14 slides: 4 steps to being data-driven

To succeed today, brands need to be creatively powered and data-driven. Marketers need to focus on what really matters, recognize meaningful patterns and trends, and share insights and take action with teammates. 

In this session, we'll discuss: 

  • The 4 steps to being data-driven. 
  • How traffic sources fit together and what this tells you about the changing context of your customer.
  • What is attribution and why is it important? 

The more you see, understand and use your data to build on what works and eliminate what doesn't, the better you can connect, communicate and sell.

Further reading: SEO + Mobile

Below are some additional recommendations from Whitney Eden for how to handle SEO on mobile devices:

4/17/15 Video: Julia Jacobson, founder of NMRKT on being a founder

Techfest Club's first event featured Julia Jacobson speaking about her experience being the founder of a company. A candid and honest account gave the audience useful takeaways about the ups and downs of starting out in the tech world - from venture capital funding to learning to build lean the hard way, Julia's talk is engaging, funny and inspiring. Hosted at General Assembly's NYC headquarters.