What it’s really like to be a woman at a tech conference

Ignored: check, hit on: check, silenced: check.

But it’s also the little, insidious coincidences that start to add up and grateIt’s when no women (or people of color) are featured as speakers at tech conferences or even considered among the most “desirable” innovators to be invitedIt’s when a man and a woman walk into a room, and the man is assumed to be the leaderIt’s the online comments left by trolls each time a story about women in technology is publishedAnd it’s even when an exhibitor doesn’t bother to spend a few minutes to acknowledge a female journalist who wants to learn more about the company and its productsIt all begs the question about whether the technology industry is as much of a meritocracy as it likes to believe it is.

(via Quartz)

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